Welcome Home

Home, it means so many different things to each of us. Our memories may tell us it is the smell of lilac bushes in the spring, birthday celebrations with our cousins, or Sunday dinner in the dining room.

When we reach back for the child that remains in each of us, our hearts return to a place called "home". A place, that with our family and friends, our hearts can record our lives and bond our ties, together, where every room becomes a living page in our family album.

JGS Homes has been building homes and communities together for many years. Together we bring a unique insight in the priorities of every home and community that they build. Our lead architect contributes more than 20 years of land development knowledge and home-building experience. On-site, hands-on quality management and accessibility to buyers is absolutely not easily found in anywhere else in the home-building industry. Our head designer brings a unique insight in design and "real life" live-ability. Architecturally pleasing exteriors, furniture placement, traffic flow and privacy are just some of the important features that we consider in every JGS floor plan.

Whether a luxurious estate or a cozy townhome, there is comfort in knowing that your priorities in creating your home and community, are shared by everyone at JGS Homes.

The fact is, throughout central Maryland, JGS Homes has come to represent a welcome alternative from today's mass production philosophy and look-alike designs. Before a single nail is driven, we carefully search for only those communities we would want to call home, being sure to offer homes that reflect that areas unique characteristics and natural beauty.

The result of this commitment is a home that gives you an assurance of an enduring value and a way of life we strongly believe you and your family deserve. Two decades of of residential building has taught us that you demand nothing but the finest locations, strongest materials, and the most exciting live-able designs.

Home... so many definitions. To us, it is a place you can depend on, now and in the years to come.